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Finally got the manual for my Protek 6502 scope and started working with it. Testing it's ability to "read correctly" Started by using home built signal generator with 455k signal, from my DMM I can measure freq but with the scope it was like 55k off of the desired freq?

Using this scope to measure freq should it be exact? Should I have it calibrated? Should I purchase the service manual and calibrate it myself or leave it to professionals? Finally and recommendations for a shop that calibrates scopes.


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James Douglas wrote in news:

You have to look at your instrument specifications carefully,both for the scope and the signal generator.

Any frequency measurment method will have it's tolerances based on how the measurement is made,component accuracies,etc. Measuing freq. by scope is not a very accurate method;scope timebases are usually accurate to between 1.5-3% across the center 8 divisions,3% being the norm. CRT linearity will also affect accuracy of a scope measurement.

TEK 2445/65 series had a counter/timer option that was reasonably accurate (compared to a true freq.counter)because it used a crystal reference oscillator.

Also,your signal generator's freq.accuracy and stability is dependent on how the signal is generated.

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