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Hello all. This is my first post to this group... I was wondering if there were any audio guru's out there or if maybe one of you kind souls could point me to a group about audio equipment, subwoofers, that kind of thing?

Without an answer to the above just yet, I will post my query here. Forgive me if it is off topic.

I lost my license (long story) and no longer need the subwoofers in my truck. I want to build some nice enclosures and use them in my apartment. My question is this: As you might all know, car audio components are mostly 4ohm and home stereo is 8. I have a spare channel on my antique Technics AV receiver (dolby pro-logic even :) ). I want to drive these subs with this receiver. My question has to do with crossovers. What will the difference in impedence do to the crossover frequency and slope of some heretofore unpurchased passive crossovers?

Thanks in advance for any comments/replies.

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This isn't an audio group. You would get more responses on the right newsgroups. The traffic here is normally about test equipment

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