[?] QMS Color2 Laser printer - printing fades across width of page.


Does anyone in this NG have any suggestions to make as to why a QMS Color2 Laser printer that I have recently acquired (second-hand) prints everything on the left-hand side of a page at normal intensity but from about two-thirds of the way across the page the print density fades noticeably to be only around half-density at the right-hand side.

This fading across the page is consistent from the top to the bottom of each printed page, and occurs regardless of the colour(s) being printed. I'm wondering if there is a simple explanation for this problem or whether it is an indication of a more complicated (an expensive ?) problem with the drum. All four cartridges have adequate supplies of toner.

Any ideas anyone? All constructive comments will be much appreciated.

TIA - Dave

David C.Chapman - Chartered Engineer. FIEE. ( snipped-for-privacy@iee.org)

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