Looking inside parts with x-ray microscope?


I need a source of above-UV or near x-rays that must be able to look through the black plastic of electronic components. the object is checking wafer visually, no high resolution is needed, we only want to know the position of the wafer (GaAS 0.2*0.2 mm) in the device. It is a precise Hall sensor. It will be used to check many devices.

We don't care if we just have to shine on it on a fotographic filem or whatever. But we would like to stay as low in the frequency range as possible, so prefer a little-above-UV to x-rays.

My question, maybe somebody of you already has experience on this area: What would be needed to look trhough the plastic of electronic devices? What generators could be used? Maybe some kind of near x-ray microscope? What is there at a reasonable price? Any comment is welcome.

Regards, Pieter Hoeben email: snipped-for-privacy@hoeben.com (remove REMOVETHIS)

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Try infrared as well; some plastics are relatively clear; the chip i think is rather opaque.

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Robert Baer

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