HP 1651B logic analyzer

Hello folks...

I picked up a used HP 1651B logic analyzer on ebay, have two pods for it and pod cables. Not sure what kind of pods they are, I've seen some stuff on the web that they're "M-clk" or "J-clk" or whatever, I don't know what that means, but these aren't labeled with those monikers, they have a white (or light grey) label for the probe numbers, 16 channels plus gnd and clock on each pod.

I don't have manuals for this unit (obviously), but it powers up and seems to work fine, and I have the disk it boots from, and I can observe the activity on the pods just fine, and I can run timing simulations, but I'm not sure how to do anything useful with what it captures, for example scroll around :/

Could someone familiar with these give me a little idea about how to use this beast? Photocopied or scanned manual pages would be fantastic, but that's a lot of work...

if anyone has any help they can offer, please email me at - ian at usedforcomparison dot com

thanks ian

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