HP 1630 leads?

I have an HP 1630G logic analyzer, which is a great tool. However, I have only two of the leads that plug into the pods. I've examined them carefully, and they don't bear a manufacturer's mark - I'm therefore assuming that HP made them (which is quite plausible). However, neither HP nor Agilent shows this as a product for sale on their websites.

I've tried to purchase these on eBay, but they're not offered separately; the logic analyzers I see for sale go for more than I paid for mine, and I'm loath to pay that just for the leads!

So, I'd be delighted to hear from someone who can tell me that these were in fact produced by someone else, and by whom; or, in the alternative, who sells them. Or, if someone out there has some (perhaps with a defective

1630, or just some spares you bought at the time), I'd really like to hear from you. Thanks in advance -- Ian
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