Data I/O 29B info on serial cable posted

Hi all!

I've expanded my page on the Data I/O 29B:

formatting link

I realise that the software and device lists are available elsewhere, but I wanted to put all the info I had in one place.

I've also done a page on making up your own serial cable, which a lot of people have been asking me about:

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Also contains info on setting the Serial port baud rate, parity, stop bits etc.

Hope you find it of some use!

Yours, Mark.

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Mark (UK)
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Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for all you have done for all us Data IO

29b owners. I don't even program large chips and I'm still going to do the 1 meg upgrade. Thanks for all your support! you da man!
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Bentley Bear

Wow. Thanks to your page, I've just found out that I already have 1MB! At $175, this has to be amongst the best arcade purchases I've ever made. (Not to mention $80 bugtrap and $20 HP5400A that both work)

Now If I could only find a great deal on a 'scope....

Thanks Mark!

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