Anyone know about an HP 8904A - help reqested....

Hi, I'm rebuilding a rather sick HP 8904A, which had been nastily damaged by previous repair attempts (not by me).

I've managed to get the base machine up and running again by replacing the firmware EPROM that had a broken pin, and have replaced the battery to the CMOS RAM so that the machine at least starts up (used the hack on the Agilent site to re-init the RAM) and passes basic self-tests - other bits needed fixing too...

Now I want to re-install the firmware - 2 labels on the chassis have been partly peeled off, so are not complete... I know these contained code-words linked to the serial number of the particular machine and the specific option number. There are some numbers written in the manual - 6 digits - which may or may not be what I'm after - they don't seem to work when I enter them as firmware codes.

Could someone with an HP 8904A with options 1 and/or 3 & 5 let me know at least the format of these code words so I know what I'm after- this machine used to have opts 1 & 3 (opt 2 is a physical board and is present and seems to work). HP do not support the machine any more, and anyway, I couldn't afford to send it back to them for fixing - besides, I'm almost enjoying this (not!).

Any help would be appreciated.


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I'm still hoping someone will be able to help on this - I copied the EPROM (its equivalent to a 27C010) so the machine is baiscally back on-air... I would like some help on why the options aren't enabled...



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