Wireless PCMCIA reccommendations?

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I need a wireless pcmcia card that I can access with a microntroller
in 8 bit mode (direct IO access). Can anyone recommend such a card?

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Re: Wireless PCMCIA reccommendations?
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I very much suspect there is no such thing.  Wireless cards are almost
invariably not even actual PCMCIA cards, but PC-Cards, i.e. they're
32-bit affairs.  8-bit effectively doesn't exist in that part of the

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Re: Wireless PCMCIA reccommendations?
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You can use a Netgear PCMCIA Wireless card with an 8 bit micro: PIC, AVR,
etc. You need an interface to mimic PCMCIA but this is relatively trivial.


Re: Wireless PCMCIA reccommendations?

any PRISM I chipset-based wireless card is 8-bit accessible since
they're PCMCIA PC-Card (NOT 32 bits Cardbus).

Plus, even if PRISM-I cards announce themselves as 3.3V only they can be
powered in 5V and their I/O pins are 5V tolerant.

See intersil website for details about the chipset (HFA384x). The
developper's guide can be obtained from Intersil by signing a
non-disclosure agreement.

Also see http://www.iosoft.co.uk/wlan.php for an example of a 802.11b
card interfaced with an 8 bit micro (PIC).


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