Using GIT with IAR Embedded Workbench

I'm wondering if it's possible to use GIT inside IAR Embbedded Workbench (I can always use it out-of-band, of course).

I'm using IAR Embedded Workbench 7.60. I have installed a Git SCC client, gitscc. [1] It integrates fine with Visual Studio 2008 -- I can commit, see the log, etc. from within Visual Studio.

I was under the impression that once that was working, I should be able to use (from IAR EW menu) Project > Source Code Control > Connect Project to SCC Project .... But when I do so, I see an error dialog: "There Are No Registered Source Code Control providers."

Has anybody been able to get this working? Thanks.


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David Eisner
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Hello David,

Do you have an new info on this? I've just started using GIT and would like to do as you are trying to.

The only software I have discovered with stated compatibility with IAR's EW is at:

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A 30 day trial is available. I haven't tried it yet.

Unfortunately no pricing info is available, even after registering on the site.

I contacted them and will post a reply back here if I learn anything.

- Hamish

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ke to do as you are trying to.

EW is at:

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Here's what I just received from Oleg Akolupin < sales AT pushok DOT com >: "At the moment, GITSCC is a free application. And according to our pricing policy cost plug-27 $ (or 19 EUR). I do not know when the plug will be shareware, but it will have price about the same."

The pricing is very fair if it does the job, but I've still yet to try it.

- Hamish

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