to be honest

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If I'm going to be a sociopath, it will be building weapons systems
for a revolution to put an end to the nonsense that Washington DC is
all about.

Other than that, I'd rather work at radio shack than kill innocents
because some
 US corporation wants a bigger slice of the oil pie, or other
corporate interests that our congress swallows for so frequently.

Re: to be honest
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Interesting comment. Great way to find yourself declared a terrorist,
wiretapped, arrested in the middle of the night, and shipped off to an
all-expenses-paid Cuban holiday of indefinite length, with no visitors
or legal rights.

Mind you, I agree with the stupid *uses* to which weapons are put, but
I have no problem building them. The vast majority of large, expensive
weapons are built, tested (very excitingly) under controlled
conditions, waved menacingly in public, then discarded as obsolete.

You sound a lot like Frank... :)

Re: to be honest

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If you work at Radio Shack, then you already stand condemned.


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