"Say hello to my Skype friend - Penny - from China, OVER."

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 You know, there seems to be more folks
 to meet & speak with via Internet than
 (locally, ie, in Australia) Ham Radio!

 So, maybe it's time to bring some of
 my / our Internet friends "out of the
 closed" and onto the air, at least when
 all parties are happy to meet, cross-

 It's no different than Phone Patches,
 really, and I trust that the law is
 the same (or more lax) these days, ie,
 provided the licensed Ham controls the
 transmitter, it's OK to send a friend's
 voice from the Shack onto the air, so
 that two friends - one on the air &
 the other on the Internet, via Skype,
 can meet & exchange a few words.

 What'cha think? Is there any better way
 to help improve (ie, balance) our gender
 ratio on the Ham Bands? I don't think so.

 PS It's also time for "Third Party" Re-
 strictions to change... after all, if -
 using programs like Skype - we can freely
 communicate with & even connect friends
 in any Internet-connected land... via
 encrypted voice & text comms channels,
 no less... all without any need whatsoever
 for any kind of license

 ... it no longer seems at all reasonable
 to require any sort of treaty between
 nations before their respective citizens
 and/or residents (as licensed Hams) may
 speak to third paries on one side or the
 other, eg. via phone patches, etc.

 Let's get this dinosaur of a rule dropped!

 It serves no one's interests anymore, and
 it puts Ham Radio into the -unduly- "very
 restrictive basket, meaning fewer will go
 for it, as soon as they learn about this
 kind of silly rule.

 After we need more Hams & people who know
 Electronics... so, let's call for what the
 gov't has called for, with a slight twist:

   "One New Ham for Mum,
    One New Ham for Dad,
    [both licensed Hams], -AND-
    One New Ham for the Country!"

 73  ;-)

Re: "Say hello to my Skype friend - Penny - from China, OVER."

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It also goes outside the purpose and role of amateur radio,
as well as opening AR to exploitation by commercial interests.
And causing complaints of unfair competition.

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If you want to use AR to chat with your mother she can get a foundation

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10-4 good buddy.


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