TI E-tech Day November 17 - Live Webcasts and Q&A on MSP430, C2000, Stellaris

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eTech Day online Community & Training event on November 17, 2009
Time:10:00AM Tuesday, November 17th

Register here: http://bit.ly/TI_E-TechDay

Register in advance to test your browsers and to participate in the
and IRC chat channels today.

Join the TI E2E online community for a full day of interactive problem
"Office Hours" with TI experts ready on-hand to answer real-time
Live and on-demand training for a variety of technologies such as:
o Digital Signal Processors
o Applications Processors
o ARMAE%-based processors
o MSP43099% Microcontrollers
o C200099% Microcontrollers
o Open Source Community Topics
o Power Supply Design
o Signal Chain Design Considerations

See you there!

Russell Miller
Analyst, Online Marketing (AEC)
Texas Instruments Exclamation
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