TC358743/9 settings for non-standard HDMI mode - where to find info?

Hi, I need to calculate settings for a non-standard video mode in HDMI-CSI2 bridges TC358743/TC358749 to be used in my embedded system, In the Linux drivers:

formatting link
formatting link

I can find: /* * References (c = chapter, p = page): * REF_01 - Toshiba, TC358743XBG (H2C), Functional Specification, Rev 0.60 * REF_02 - Toshiba, TC358743XBG_HDMI-CSI_Tv11p_nm.xls */

However, I couldn't find the referenced Toshiba documents neither in their website, nor anywhere in the net. Could somebody help me to find the necessary documentation for TC358743/9?

TIA & Regards, Wojtek

PS. I have found

formatting link
, but it gives just the new values for another mode. Does not give hints how those values are calculated.

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