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I would like to find info on how to wire large groups of LEDs. =A0Just an=


project, but I am curious. > > I wish to assemble a large group of LEDs in a certain pattern and wish to > know how to control them for on/off without using hundreds of miles of wi=


> Any pointers would certainly be welcome. > > Thanks, > > Flash > > -- > Today, we hear shameful fear mongering from an administration that can no > longer hide its lust to open the floodgates filled with our money, so the=
can buy off reliable Democrat constituencies. > ....Mark Davis

Do you mean you wish to be able to turn each one on and off individually without running a wire from each led all the way back to your "control"? There are ways to do that but it would help to know about how many you are talking about and the size of your display.

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