Toronto, Canada - Embedded Software Developer (OpenGL)

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What they will offer you:

One of the best reasons to consider working at this company is the
sheer diversity of their business and the level of experience, market-
wide, you will gain. Not only will you have the chance to work with
leading edge technologies, but you will also have the opportunity to
remain challenged by taking on wide-ranging projects over time. The
development teams are comprised of highly motivated, brilliant
individuals and SW engineers who excel at overcoming system-level
software development challenges.

The culture is best described by the motto "Work hard, play hard"!
While each and every employee can expect the work they do to be
challenging, the company also ensures that employees' hard work is off-
set by programs that promote work-life balance and a great work

What they do:

The leading supplier of 2D/3D graphic SW solutions for embedded
systems across numerous markets including, but limited, to automotive,
consumer goods, aerospace & defense and medical. The general purpose
and safety-critical OpenGL graphics drivers allow high performance 2D/
3D graphics, offer native support for a variety of system
configurations and are fully customizable.

In addition, they provide system level products, general and DO-178B
services that enable video, audio, graphics and network functionality
in embedded devices through the development of custom middleware and
application software. As well the services expertise includes device
driver development, QA testing, performance optimization and project

Precision Recruiting is currently engaged with this company to attract
a Senior OpenGL Application Developer for the team in the Toronto,
Ontario office.

What you will do:

You are a low level Embedded Software Developer wanting to work with
this dynamic team. In this role, you will be responsible for all
aspects of the OpenGL graphics solutions and driver level development
for avionics, automotive and other applications.  You will be
implementing OpenGL extensions and port an OpenGL driver to custom
hardware and adaptation to different embedded OS.  Being involved in
the complete software development life cycle including: project
planning, determining requirements and design, software development -
coding, and working with the quality assurance team to verify and
validate solutions according to customer requirements.
What is needed to succeed:

*    C/C++ Experience
*    Windows 2000/XP/CE, Linux, Apple Macintosh OS, as well as embedded
operating systems (QNX, VxWorks, Integrity)
*    Strong knowledge in 3D graphics technology (OpenGL , D3D)
*    Knowledge of embedded graphics such as LCD interfaces or bus
*    Experience developing device drivers
*    Experience in performance analysis of graphics pipeline
*    Experience in 2D/3D graphics, Audio, Video, DirectX, OpenGL or Game
Software Development is an asset
*    Experience in data communications , networking, wireless is an asset
*    Software development in a DO-178B environment , specifically avionic
*    10 to 15 years experience in professional SW development

How do you get a chance to join:

Submit your resume in confidence to resumes @
or call 613-287-3767 to discuss further.

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