Sharp LH79520 and 32 bit SDRAM

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I am working on a microcontroller design using the LH79520.
I would like to use the Micron MT48LC4M32B2 SDRAM which is 128Mb
with a 32bit data path.

However in looking at the Sharp user manual, the sdram controller
does not have a configuration listed for a 4Mx32 memory. The closest
is 2Mx32. It looks like the 2Mx32 configuration should work for a 4Mx32,
but I can not be certain.

I sent an email to Sharp MA asking if there is a valid configuration
for 4Mx32, but have not received a reply.

Has anyone else attempted to use a 4Mx32 SDRAM with the LH79520 or
gotten an answer from Sharp if this will work.

Re: Sharp LH79520 and 32 bit SDRAM
Have you looked at the following application note?

It should work OK.

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