SDRAM controller.

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I am writing a SDRAM controller (for the first time), its a Micron MT48LC16M16 sdram. I am having a little trouble coding it, i've written some code for it but i am not sure if i am going along the right path or not ? Does neone has a little tutorial on how to code a sdram controller or perhaps a sdram controller that they wrote (doesnt matter for which SDRAM), nething that i could use as a reference to learn more. Ne help would be appreciated !! Thanks.

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You can take a look at this one in -->

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HOw about Xilinx's SDRAM controller. I'm pretty sure the source is on their website along with the app-note.

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Ray Andraka

I am using the exact same RAM with Ateras SDRAM controller, which has source with it. Are you doing this just for academic purposes? I would suggest looking at their core, just because I know it works :)

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