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Hello all, I am in the process of selecting a processor. I have few queries related with the selection of a processor for embedded systems design . For selecting the correct processor to handle high rate of data, is there any mapping/logic between the processor clock speed and the rate in which the data enters the processor . That is, consider that the data comes in at the rate of 1Gbps in the input port of the processor. What is the possible clock rate that the processor should operate/support to handle the data ? If there is an external memory/ RAM requirement, how much memory should be there for that particular processor clock frequency for that particular speed(1Gbps) of input data and what is the logic to determine that ? How does the number of bits of processor play a role in the selecting a processor to support high speed data(1Gbps) ? Does internal memory/cache also have any role in taking the decision . If Yes, how to determine the amount of such memory for this high speed data(1Gbps) ? Are there other factors ? In general, i need the a table of these factors mapped against various other factors or the clear method/logic of determining it so that it can be considered to select a processor for processing high speed data.

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How much entropy?

What do you expect to extract/preserve from said data (a modified version of my previous query)?

See above.

How many cylinders does a vehicle need to transport a

5,000 pound payload?

Should the tires on said vehicle be whitewalls, blackwalls or white-mounted-black?

Should the vehicle burn gasoline, diesel or some other fuel?

You're asking questions expecting *specific* GENERALIZATIONS (an oxymoron?) that don't easily apply...

Think about the nature of the data and what you expect to *do* with it before you set out in search of the "right" processor. (e.g., do you have budgetary constraints? size? power? etc.)

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No Budgetary/Size/Power constraints.

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How fast doesn't address how much. Is it a continuous stream or is it in packets? How are the packets structured (envelope, addressing, data content, compression, encoding, CRC, hashing, error recovery, etc.)?

Step 1. Define the problem. Step 2. ??? Step 3. Profit!

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If you have no budgetary, size or power constraints, then I'd recommend hiring someone who understands what you are dealing with.

Alternatively, buy an embedded PC card with an i7 processor - it's probably going to be fast enough and will save you the effort of trying to understand what you are trying to do.

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David Brown

Hello super stupident. Good bye and go do your homework.

I have few queries

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Vladimir Vassilevsky

Ah, then you have no need for all of this pesky data/tables! Just buy the biggest, fastest, most expensive machine you can find! Problem solved!

Next question...

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Vladimir Vassilevsky is idiot.

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