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I'm looking for a fast processor and I like the Silicon Labs C8051F133.

100 MIPS peak 64KB flash (writable from the processor 20,000 cycle enduance) 8448 Ram

The price is about right

1 - 15.16000 25 - 13.06920 100 - 11.26940

Acknowledging that I haven't given very much information, am I overlooking a comparable processor with better features?

Thanks, Ken

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You didn't say 8051 core was a requirement....

How about one of the Philips LPC2xxx family with ARM7 core ? You can run them at 60MHz, and there are versions with enough Flash/RAM. Prices are competitive.

For most applications, the 60MHz ARM7 will give you much more performance than a 100MHz 8051. The LPCs aren't terribly fast when you're looking to bit bang I/O, though.

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The 8051 core isn't a requirement. I'll consider others.

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According to Silicon Labs, the 70% of the instructions of the C8051F133 run in one cycle and the theoretical max of the chip is 100 MIPS.

Not sure how fast a Philips LPC2xxx family with ARM7 core is but it might end up being somewhat equal. LPC2xxx do seem to be cheaper.

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You can't compare MIPS like that - the instructions on an ARM do a lot more useful work than on a 8051, so you need far fewer to do a particular task. Dhrystone MIPS is a bit more useful, the LPC2xxx series gives

0.9 DMIPS/Mhz (v2.1), while a fast 8051 (Cyclone) gets only 0.07 (v1.1).

It's safe to say an ARM7 will vastly outperform an 8051 no matter how fast it can execute its instruction...


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Wilco Dijkstra

Not Very Safely.

Like the previous poster said 8051 have the advantage on bit banging.

16 and 32 bit operations the ARM wins.

In the end the app choose a processor.

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