Recommend display method for high speed data update?

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We are going to be putting together a display system for some physiological
data.  Included are some neural data, and some of the investigators really
want to be able to see _every_ neural event, in detail.  Ok, most events
will overlay, but they want to be able to see anomolous-shaped events within
a stream of data, typically displayed at 200us or 500us/screen-width
equivalent.  Some of the neurons in the areas of interest can fire in bursts
to over 1000/sec.  We have some special-purpose hardware to get the data;
assume that is not a problem.

We will probably simulate a variable persistence display to get around the
limited frame rates of normal video displays.

In the past we've used SvgaLib for some related applications, but this
software seems less well supported with time.  It would probably be better
in terms of long term support to use something within X-windows.  A
memory-mapped display would seem reasonable, but this doesn't seem kosher
in a Linux environment.  Most of the "graphic display" packages really seem
focused on providing buttons, entry fields, and other widgets that are
completely unneeded in this application.  Some text display will be needed
but this is pretty minor.

Ok, that should be enough to show you how stupidly I'm approaching this
problem.  What would you use to implement this display function?  Or is
this completely insane?  Is special-purpose hardware necessary?  (I'd hoped to
use a previously acquired Matrox G400 card with a generic LCD monitor).

Thanks for your insights...


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