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I developing embedded system based on ARM7 core and i want to transfer lots of data(about 128 MB)from system to PC via RF link. Do you know good RF module with min. 500kbps date rate and 10 m distans? I thing about RadioCraft RC2000 module and Bluegiga WT12 module. What do you think about them? Anybody use them?

Marian Staw

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We briefly looked into KC Wirefree Bluetooth modems which should fit your bill and were roughly GBP15 in samll quantities. I may still use one for a different application but we decided that the IT demands at the PC end (i.e. setting up BlueTooth) would be a bit much for some of our customers. Sequoia are the distributors in the UK, I'm sure they have Polish links.

Are you sure you need wireless? In the end we used an MMC card for data transfer which is cheaper, simpler (from a technophobe point of view) and has little to no IT issues. I'm using an ARM7 myself and using the MMC card is pretty quick - lots more than 500kbps.

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Have a look at the blue tooth and other wireless links from

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Easy to use and not to expensive.


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