Embedded system with RF

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Hi all-

  I am new to embedded systems area. I have a question.

I want an embedded system with the following specs.

a) It should have an RF interface instead of Ethernet.
b) It should be battery powered.
c) JVM should have been ported on it (I have to run my code in JAVA only)
d) It should come with an Integrated Development Environment.

Any suggestions regarding the same is well appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

Re: Embedded system with RF
hey suresh,
i've done a pretty extensive amount of embedded work for my company,
and one of the places we've used for system development is a company
called applied data systems.  they provide lots of possibilities for
development boards and i'm pretty sure that they'd have something like
you're looking for.  here's a link to their site:


hope this helps.

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Re: Embedded system with RF

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 ... which is apparently in or near Columbia MD ...

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 ... which happens also to be located in Columbia MD, and happens to
use the same ISP as you do ...

Coincidences are amazing.  Regards,

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