Resume fishing with fake jobs

What the hell. I thought only headhunters posted fake jobs in order to further fill their useless resume databases:

Make your career connection at Cisco

Software Engineer II

Cisco is always looking to identify talented people, especially Embedded Software Developers for the Cisco IOS Business Unit. If you are reading this posting then we may not have an open job for Embedded Software Developers right now; however, it is highly likely we will in the future.



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Hi Bubba, I have been reading your postings for long.Most of your posting relate to job search then real tech stuff.Also seen you saying and talking about more on head hunters,recuiters and companies recruiting.Believe theres no point in talking these things, because things are not going to change unless you are really that powerful to have an impact on them.If I were you instead of thinking about short comings,I would look for how to adapt so that I could survive well! Hope you take this in right sense and please post any tech stuff incase you have and stop such job related postings.Once in a while people do like to read such things later they will ignore what you say.

Regards, s.subbarayan

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The job is real, there is always a place in the company for a talented person. If you are good,they will find a place for you. This is why cold calling can be your friend. I often hand out business cards when I meet someone at a function or even at the pub. I am always looking for new recruits (I also get paid for referrals :) ).

Disclaimer, I do not work for Cisco and I am not a recruiter. I write software.

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The Real Andy

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