Announcement: Contiki 2.0 Released

The Contiki team is proud to announce the release of version 2.0 of the Contiki operating system.

Contiki is an open source operating system designed for memory- constrained networked embedded systems. Contiki supports dynamic run- time loading of code modules. Contiki contains two communication stacks: the uIP embedded TCP/IP stack, and Rime, a protocol stack designed for low-power radios. The Contiki kernel is event-driven and programs can be written as event-driven programs, as threads, or as protothreads, an extremely lightweight type of stackless threads.

This is the first release in the 2.x series. A number of important features have been added since the 1.x series:

  • Dynamic run-time loading and linking of standard ELF files
  • Rime, a protocol stack designed for low-power radio communication
  • Cooja, a Java-based network simulator for Contiki
  • A build system that makes cross-compiling for many platforms easy

The 2.0 release contains ports for two MSP430-equipped devices: the ESB embedded sensor board developed at Free University Berlin (http://

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and the Tmote Sky board developed by Moteiv
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The release also includes a set of simulator environments that are used when developing software for Contiki.

Download the release, and read more about Contiki, at the Contiki web site:

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The people that have been involved in this release are:

Adam Dunkels, SICS. Fredrik =D6sterlind, SICS. Oliver Schmidt, SAP AG. Bj=F6rn Gr=F6nvall, SICS. Niclas Finne, SICS. Joakim Eriksson, SICS.

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