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I would suggest that you take a look at the various ARM MCUs available.
They are made by many manufacturers and so provide a lot of variety of
form and function.  Unfortunately, not many have on chip Flash.  But a
few do, such as Hynix, Atmel (dual die) and, my current favorite, OKI.
Atmel may well have one that meets all of your needs.  

OKI has parts with all of the above, but I am not sure if they have it
all in one chip.  Finding USB *and* CAN in one chip may be hard.  

Philips has some new parts, but no external bus.  They opted for a very
small footprint instead.  


Rick "rickman" Collins
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Re: New Project Needs a uC
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Doesn't quite have everything you are looking for, but close - the Fujitsu
16 bit microcontrollers.


Re: New Project Needs a uC

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Hello Matt,

Infineon XC167 (or related parts) - has everything except USB and the new XC
parts have on chip debug.
Good tools from Keil and Hitex.
look on

Michael Kellett

Re: New Project Needs a uC
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Motorolas HCS12 Family - DP256 has 265kbyte (banked) Flash 12kSram, 4kEeprom
and all other features except USB. You can connect external USB controller
by I2C serial bus. In comparison to the Infineon Version 2 core chips the
Motorola comes with on chip voltage regulator for the core while Infineon
needs external core regulation. Further the crystal oscillator is Colpitts
circuit instead Pierce what has very low standby power in sleep mode. (This
is what makes the realtime clock support of the Infineon difficult to use).
Debug Interface is BDM instead OCDS at Infineon. Cables and compilers for
Motorola available by HCS12 is a 16 bit bus design
while code density is 8 bit, Infineon is a true 16 bit Opcode with lower
code density.

Benefits of Infineon are the plain address and the DSP like coprozessor
MAC (Multiply Accumulate Unit). Therefore the HCS offers HW fuzzy
support with assembly level instructions.

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