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Hello. I would like to realize a first simple project with micro controllers. Which a Atmel AT90er would be completely suitable? I would not only like to learn ASM, rather with C. My question, importantly for the time of my project: how much time I need (however C++ fundamentally Controlling ones) to bring in order to train itself and a simple project with sammt debugging to run? (in hours? :). I spend daily 1-2 hours with training.



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My personal opinion is that as beginner with assembler better =B5C becomes acquainted with. You do not become the data sheet to read. These information then in assembler to convert is IMO more simply than additionally still the Overhead for the "C-for-Avr" - learn to carry along. And straight for litle a project is assembler not yet sooo badly.=20


see :

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Why are you responding to your own question using a different name ?

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Why do you think? He is spamming for the website "Tom" helpfully suggested.

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I thought he was making fun of the Chinglish.

Thanks, Rich

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