Compact Flash interface with MPC8313E

Hi ,

We have been working with Compact Flash interface with our powerpc based board and we are facing some difficulty in timing consideration for interfacing the CF in true IDE mode. we are using COMPACT_FLASH_SPEC_REV3.0 and in that on page 57 , Cycle time mode options are given for CF to work in True IDE mode and the options include the operation of Cycle time Mode in 250ns,120ns,

100ns and 80ns.

We are interfaced CF with eLBC( local bus controller) of MPC8313E based processor.We aren't able to judge which clock time mode to chose ,since the clock we r using for eLBC is 43.16Mhz and why other modes are available.What are configuration associated with True IDE mode and how clock scheme is provided for True IDE mode and the related Stuffs.

Kindly guide us more on this and also the timing configurations related to CF in True IDE. We are not able to generate the UPM array for True IDE mode , using UPM tool of Freescale.

Thanks in Advance MOHAMED FASIL,

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