Compact flash card IDE adapters

Thinking of buying one of those cheap chinese compact flash to IDE adapters that appear on ebay quite often for use on a little 486 embedded board that i've got.

can a compact flash be used just like a hard disk - I understand that there is a limited amount of writes that can be made to a CF card ?

Will any embedded board or PC that accepts an IDE device be capable of running a CF card without any tweaks?

Is there a significant power saving in using a CF card against say a 2.5" hard disk ?

Any pitfalls to watch for?



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Colin MacDougall
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If you set it up right, it will last a long time. I am running KDE/firefox from a CF in read-only mode right now. During boot-up, it was mounted read-write for configurations and written less than 10 times. This way, it should last about 10,000 days.

We use them for 486/Pentium 166/Pentium MMX/Celeron 1G/Sempron 2500. We tested them with AVRs (checking pins/registers), but not really using them.

0.1 W average for CF vs. 5 to 10W for 2.5".

Don't keep them running in read-write mode.

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