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hi folks,

I'm experiencing some problems on a Renesas M32C:

it seems that a higher priority interrupt can't interrupt a lower priority one. To be honest, the datasheet doesn't anything about this thing, so I assume that it is impossible for this CPU to interrupt a lower priority interrupt to serve a higher one.

My question is:

can CPU's interrupt a lower priority interrupt to serve a higher one?

thanks Enrico

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Enrico Migliore
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I am not familiar with this CPU, but on most CPU's interrupts are disabled on entry of the handler. So you have to re-enable interrupts as soon as possible, preferably *after* 'removing' the reason for the current interrupt. I once made the mistake on an AVR to re-enable interrupts in the handler for the serial port, *before* reading the received byte from the UART...... endless waiting.......:-(


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Meindert Sprang

Hi Meindert,

yes! your right! I've just fixed this thing.

thank you Enrico

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Enrico Migliore

Enrico, it will be the same as with the M16C: You have to set the global interrupt enable bit upon function entry to any ISR if you want it to be interruptible.

The M16C , when it gets an interrupt request, jumps to the vector which contains the jump to the ISR address. The return address and the FLAG register is stored on the stack. At the same time the I flag is cleared by hardware and: -- only after RETI the FLG register is restored.

Thus, for every ISR that you want to have interrupted (or cascaded) by a higher priority ISR you will have to set the global interrupt enable flag as one of the first instructions in the ISR.

regards /jan

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