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As stated in another thread I am a newbie PIC programmer and I have inheirited a pile of code written for the CCS compiler. I need my PIC24 to play host to a USB mass storage device and heard that the Microchip compiler comes with library code for that. The CCS compiler has USB library functions but nothing relating to mass storage devices.

Does anyone know the ins and outs of this and know whether it is easier to port my existing code from CCS to Microchip, or is it easier to implement mass storage support on my existing compiler than to change compilers ?

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The Microchip USB host stack is available for download on the Microchip website. It's royalty free, but (as I was reminded recently) Microchip only allow you to use it on genuine Microchip devices.

I don't know if there are any additional restrictions which would only allow you to use it with a Microchip supplied compiler.

Start here:

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I have no idea how compatible the commercial compilers are with each other so that's something you will have to determine by looking at Microchip's code.


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There is a 90% chance that porting your code would be easier. I can be bigger but it is still your code so you probably undestant it deeply. The amount of work is relative to your coding stile. In general i would try to always create some typedef file with uint8_t, uint16_t and uint32_t definitions so you can easily port your variables types from a compiler to another with no worries. If you used a lot of CCS libs you are going to have to create your self new ones for C30 compiler, or try to find out if microchip got any similar. Any way i would try porting your code. Good luck!


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