Hi, Anyone know how to program a PIC18F4550 using a TOP2048 programmer? The device is not supported directly just wondered if it's possible to use a similar memory configuration.

All ideas welcome, if worse comes to worse I will have to use ICSP.

Regards. Martin

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Martin Charlwood
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I can't help with the TOP2048 but if that doesn't work out and you're forced to buy something for ICSP then consider the ICD-S40 from CCS:

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It costs $75 and here is the list of devices it supports:
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with more devices being added as they come out. We've already bought two of these things and I've used mine on 7 or 8 different types of PICs including the 18F4550 without any problems.


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If you are using pics for work, why wouldn't you just buy a microchip icd2 and avoid hassles ?

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I have never had a single bit of trouble with an icd2, works very well.

Would be nice to have linux/mac support.

I wish other manufacturers provided as trouble free programmers and didn't keep upgrading thier programmer hardware


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Alex Gibson

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