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Hi there,

I use a embedded pc module (SOM2353 from advantech). The board has some
pc interfaces I use an additionally a PCI interface (32 bit), which I
DON't use, an this seems to be the problem: the module (especially the
processor and the PCI bridge chip) gets VERY hot (even without
significant processor load).

When I insert this module into the associated development board from
advantech (virtually a pc motherboard), it stays very cool.

I made some tests and the result was, that the unused PCI interface is
responsible for this overheating. I read some PCI infos and now I think
the reason for the overheating are (maybe) some floating PCI input
signals, but the module datasheet states "all necessary pullups are
integrated on the module", but I think that is not the whole truth ;-)

After this endlesss introduction we come to my question: Which signals
of an unused PCI inteface has to be connected in which manner to avoid
floating or overheating?

ANY help would be VERY appreciated!

Best regards,

Bernhard Roessmann
Don't Fear The Penguins!

Re: PCI problems
Even I have also faced a similar problem here. In my PMC(PCI)
interface board, the PCI-PCI bridge was getting heated as soon as it
is switched ON.
We found out that this is due to the arbitration logic. Please look
into your arbitration logic and the arbiter as you power on the board.


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Re: PCI problems
Hi Srikanth,

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Sounds very interresting, I will take a closer look at the damn thing
;-) tomorrow.
Thank you.

Best regards,

Bernhard Roessmann
Don't Fear The Penguins!

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