WARNING: defective Edimax PCI Ethernet Cards

A friendly warning to all - I bought an Edimax 9130TX NIC for some testing on an embedded platform using 3.3V PCI slots. The card is laid out as a universal PCI card, and was advertised as PCI 2.2 compliant.

The card has a connection between Vio and +5V (assuming it will always be in a 5V slot). Since a 3.3V slot has Vio at

+3.3V, it shorted 5 and 3.3V together which blew out the I/O pullups (and who knows what else) on my cpu/pci bridge chip.

Their response to this was something along the lines of "sorry, try our new board with the 8139D". Yeah, right... Needless to say, I would advise avoiding this outfit.

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Andrew Dyer
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That's a pretty nasty defect... did they at least document it?

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