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Hi all out there,

I want to start experimenting with the PC140 platform but I need some info first: The disk on chip system: - Can I use it as a regular disk, meaning like on a "normal" PC, startup with a cdrom, format it an write data to it? And this without extra HW (Like a FLASH-Programmer)? - Can I use my own (...ok the binaries/sources I get from the net) Linux(When it is small enough) In Linux: - Is it enough to mount the filesystem read-only w/o having problems when I power-off the system w/o a proper shut down?

- Any Idea about prices? - Just a starters kit - But needs a possibility to connect a monitor/keyboard/mouse And maybe a PCI-device.

Thank you for reading this article.

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M-Sys (the producer of disk-on-chip) provides tools for low-level formating the DOC's, i.e. before using DOC you must boot from HD, format DOC and put the OS on the DOC - then the HD is no longer need. Some distributors may sold pre-formated DOC's...

For linux you must patch the kernel with the device driver of M-Sys. Then you also can use the DOC like a normal HD - booting linux from DOC is also possible. Togehter with Busy-Box you can produce a very small Linux-platform...

Til 2 years ago it was not possible to low-level format the DOC direcly from linux cause the corresponding tool from M-Sys didn't worked. I din't know the current status.

regards Martin

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Martin Kaul

You dont even need a harddrive to boot the first time to. I used one with a bootable CDROM and formatted the DOC from the prompt. Works just like a harddrive.

Best look on ebay unless you want to spend a few bills. I have an sbc-558 and love it. tons of I/O and supports pc104 and pc104 plus. Got it on ebay for 20$.

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Thanks for the responses

I'll (probably) be back :-)

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