Temporarily Parking the Hard Disk Heads

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I've an embedded Linux booting from a flash disk and running on a
PC104+ stack.

This PC104+ computer is carried on a moving platform and occationallyy
subject to high vibration. I do have know when vibrarion will start and
the duration of the vibration.

Some time I do attach an IDE hard disk (40-160GB) to my embedded Linux
system for high speed high volume data logging. Due to the occational
vibration, I would like to be able to park the hard disk heads just
before the vibration starts and re-activate logging when vibration

I wonder if there is a way of temporarily moving the harddisk heads to
parking position and back?


Miem Chan

Re: Temporarily Parking the Hard Disk Heads

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Using a spinning hard disk, this is bad, even if put to sleep.

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I don't believe modern disks have a special "parking position" but you could
stop them spinning.

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You can put the disk directly into standby or suspend mode using "hdparm -y"
respective "hdparm -Y". hdparm is included with busybox, with the needed
parameter, if I remember correctly.

Another idea would be to set the spindown timer very low (hdparm -S), so
that the disk spins down after maybe 5 seconds of inactivity. But you have
to ensure that no further accesses occur. Then you only have to stop
activity on the disk before vibrations occur. But it won't be good for your
disk as it shouldn't vibrate while spinning...

Hope this helps,


Re: Temporarily Parking the Hard Disk Heads

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I believe they still have a parking position, but you don't have to manually
position them.  They snap the heads to a safe location using internal stored
power when power is removed.

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