PC104 - similar to ISA ?

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I have just gotten hold of one of those little 3.5" embedded PC's
which has a PC104 interface. This is the first time I have had a
board with such an interface. Question  - is it similar to the old
ISA 8 or 16 bit interfaces and could an old PC card be hooked
up without too much effort. If not, is it a straight-forward bus to
build a proto board interface for. The reason I ask is that the
PCI bus always seems too much of a headache to design a
board for.



Re: PC104 - similar to ISA ?
same as isa, just a different pinout. GOTCHA, is loading. won't support
as many add-on cards as ISA, but this may have changed.

Tom Woodrow

Colin MacDougall wrote:

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Re: PC104 - similar to ISA ?
On Sat, 15 Nov 2003 16:31:38 -0000, "Colin MacDougall" <colin |D0T|
snipped-for-privacy@btinternet.com> wrote:

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Hi Colin,

PC/104 is a compact version of the ISA bus with lower current limits
on receivers so more boards can be used. But there are several
different coversion boards available so that a short stack of 104
cards can be plugged into an ISA motherboard, or a few ISA cards can
be connected onto a PC/104 stack. I know Ampro had some of the latter
in their catalog, and I have two of the former from Parvus, one eight
bit, one sixteen. I have used them for development platforms, plugging
PC/104 peripherals into a standard PC to test my driver code.

Bob McConnell

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