PBC Designer software anyone?

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i'm looking for a freware/shareware softrware which can help me design
the PCB layout of the circuit i have already designed.

the thing is, i'm a real amature so i was wondering if there is any
software which takes in the circuit diagram from me, and designs the
optimum track layout for me. i already have some simple softwares from
companies like Niche but that isn't exactly what i'm looking for.

is there anything that can help me design track layout rather than
just draw it for me?

any suggestions? thanks in advance.

- ali

Re: PBC Designer software anyone?
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Download EAGLE from www.cadsoftusa.com. The piece of software you're
looking for is called an autorouter. EAGLE's freeware version includes
a working autorouter. But, be aware that an autorouter is not the
answer to a lack of experience. If you set up all the design rules
just right, and you're lucky, and/or your circuit has no critical
layout requirements, you'll get good results. For high-speed stuff,
analog circuits, circuits with special characteristics, no autorouter
- certainly not the relatively simple one in EAGLE - will give you
good results.

Re: PBC Designer software anyone?
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The only one I know for this use is EAGLE from www.cadsoft.de : in its free
version, it is the less limited one I know, because the only board
constraint is to fit all your components' pads into a 100x80mm rectangle,
with single- or double-sided traces (no multi-layer, but no matter since
you're an amateur like me).

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In most of the cases, you have to enter the schematic first (and take a lot
of time to search the components or sometimes create new ones into
libraries), before converting it to a board and routing it, because the
"forward and back annotation" safety mechanism, associated to the design or
electrical rules checks prevent you from making mistakes.

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There is an auto-router, but I never used it since I never took the time to
learn how to customize it (it has got a lot of settings).

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You're welcomed.


Thierry C.

Re: PBC Designer software anyone?
Thank you people!


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