New Altera Software Dev Board with VGA full color?

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What is this?

With VGA - LAN - I/O and more and also a C++ software dev kit


Re: New Altera Software Dev Board with VGA full color?
I took a quick look at the companies website. I couldn't find the
details but there was a highlevel description of what is available on
the board. It looked like it was targeted for video game market and
even maybe automotive applications (see the automotive refernce design
on Altera's website).

VGA has come to be a misused term. Originally VGA described a specific
video card adapter standard by IBM as compared to CGA and EGA. The VGA
standard defined a hardware architecture, software API and video
signals for specific resolutions and color modes. I think the Merlin
board just has a video DAC on it similar to the one found on Lancelot

What I would really be interested in is what are they actually offering
for the animation capabilities. Are they offering hardware core(s) or
is it software based? I have been developing a 3D graphics library in
VHDL. My goal is to provide a library or core that is portable between
different manufacturers devices. I have complete a framebuffer with
single, double and triple framebuffer capabilities. I'm currently
working on a triangle rasterizer. I'll next be working on shading and
additional hardware acceleration capabilities. I'm also working on
demos to show off its capabilities.


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