Nand flash-- How many no:of available blocks for 64MB SM


I am having a 64MB samsung NAND flash. As per statics of 32 pages per block, 528(512+16) bytes/page, what will be the available no:of blocks?????? I read in spec that it is below 4000. So they are counting it with 528bytes/page????? or is it like only 512bytes/page so i can get all the 4096 blocks for operation???

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The data sheet actually makes all of this completely clear.

You don't count the out-of-band bytes in the total "64 MB" size of the device.

The 64 MB device has 128k pages of 512 bytes each. Since each block has 32 pages, each block has 16k bytes and the whole device has 4096 blocks.

You cannot forget that the out-of-band bytes exist; otherwise your page reads and writes may not be what you expect ...


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Andy Peters

I know it's not directly answering your question but what about the 2% (average) bad blocks. Are there 4096 plus an extra

80 to replace the expected bad ones, or are up to 80 of the 4096 going to be bad?


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tim (moved to sweden)

Hi, So i am going to fix the no:of blocks as 4096.

No.... no extra blocks for bad blocks.... "infact u never gets what u pay for..." also u have to take care of those bad blocks which are formed during its usage, any way samsung guarentees in their RBA algorithm that count of bad block wont go beyond max of 200.

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