NAND Flash Invalid blocks detection routine.

In the current data sheets corresponding to Toshiba and Samsung Nand Flash device, invalid blocks are detected by verifying the content of the address 517 on the first page of each block, as specified in SSFDC standard. In the old NAND data sheets, the way to detect these was checking the whole content on the first page of each block by being different to 0xff. What I am writing is an independent generic device driver. Can I assume that the invalid blocks detection is the first one described above? If not, do you have any suggestion?

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Ricardo Malerba
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If you look at the data sheets from both manufacturers there seem to be different techniques.

ST Micro's flash apparenty guarantees that the 6the byte of the C area of either page 1 or 2 are the indicators. however, when I test these parts, ALL of the C area bytes are set to Zero. So I stick with the MFG recommendation. From what I saw, the Samsung and Toshiba parts are slightly different so I use the MFG ID to vector to the proper routines.. Or at least I plan to.. When I get samples of the other parts..

In general, you only need to test those bytes.. not the entire page.

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