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I can't find supplier of nand flash in small quantity (about 100pcs). Where I can buy nand flash 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb 8-bits in 48-TSOP like: K9F2G08U0M K9F4G08U0M K9F8G08U0M

Anybody can help?

Thanks David

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I'd be glad to be proven wrong, but after a little searching a few months back concluded that quite likely you can't - the usual customers for these devices are very high volume.

Well, actually, you can... buy USB sticks and get your heat gun...

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NB: Samsung says K9F8G08U0M and K9F4G08U0M are EOL.

Is this true of all NAND flash? Surely there is some distributor who will break up a lot.

But nobody responded to my post so maybe nobody is using it on a small scale.

Alan Nishioka

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Alan Nishioka

Farnell have a limited choice of nand flash in their catalog from Hynix and ST in TSOP48.

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I've also bought small quantities of ST nand flash from Arrow in the UK without any problems.

Digikey have a few Micron parts listed in their catalog.



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Martin Walton

Micron has a technical note

which says the Micron MT29F2G08AACWP is equivalent to the Samsung K9F2G08U0A. Digikey lists the Micron part with minimum order quantity

1, but no stock. Note that the M at the end of the Samsung part indicates 1st generation, and A indicates 2nd generation.

Samsung is difficult to buy from in small quantities. You might have more luck with Micron.

Unfortunately, I just noticed you are posting from Poland, but I thought someone else might find this interesting. Thank you, Martin Walton, for pointing out Digikey (where I didn't think to look for some reason).

Alan Nishioka

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Alan Nishioka

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