Looking for MPEG4 Set-top-box Reference design

I am looking for MPEG4 Set-top-box reference design (mainly this
should take Ethernet input on oneside and otherside HDMI/Composite
signal out-put), can somebody suggest where can I get it.
IP based Ethrnet input and HDMI/Composite video output.
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You aren't going to get this without an NDA. You aren't going to get an NDA without choosing a chipset vendor. Contact the usual suspects - ESS, ST, et al - and see what they can offer you. ESS has in the past shown a certain willingness to work with small companies.
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I sugest to take a look at TIs DaVinci line of DSPs. I haven't looked in detail, but I think to remember that they have this kind of things off the shelf.
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Markus Zingg
Your primary choices if it's going to be an STB would probably be Broadcom, ST, or Sigma. I've got a good bit of experience with Sigma's products, but I've heard good things about both broadcom and ST as well.
Hope this helps.
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Buddy Smith

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