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Is there some sort of adapter available for an Sony ACX705AKM-7 LCD connector ? It's a 22 pin flat flexible cable and the connector pins are just too close together for me to solder by hand...


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Robert Finch
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I tried the same thing. After three tries I at least had the wiring chart correct. Then I found a company that already made a connector for one end of what I needed. They were willing to make a test device for me for free.

One thing you need to know is that the highest frequency signal MUST be twisted with a ground wire to keep the signal clean. (unless your run length is, say, around 6 inches.)

Rick Merrill

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Rick Merrill


I have the same display to play with once I get time. For $10 from Electronic Goldmine it was worth it. I'm not going to bother trying to solder the thing; mylar flex cables just aren't meant for that. However, Digikey sells 22-pin flex cable connectors, surface-mount, .5mm pitch, top or bottom contactor. These are the connectors you are supposed to use, and I'll add that to my next Digikey order coming up sometime.

I had also considered etching a .5mm pitch pattern on a piece of copperclad and breaking it out into a .1in header, but I figure the connector at 70 cents or so is worth it just so I don't have to come up with some wierd clamping mechanism for the cable. Any other way stands a good chance of shorting something out.

At some point I would like to pull this together with a CPLD, microcontroller, and A/D converter to make a highly innaccurate little handheld oscilloscope. What's your plan for yours?

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Would you be able to post the digikey part number please ?

Do they have a thru hole version ? Had hassles in the past trying to fix the smt versions, which have a = tendancy to snap or get really brittle after a few years.

The thru hole versions seemed to last a bit longer especially in high vibration installations.


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Alex Gibson

tendancy to snap

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They have enough variations. But no thru-hole that I've seen, in .5mm pitch. Maybe they have gotten a little better with time. I prefer SMD stuff anyway.

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