KoreBot: Miniature XScale Board for OEM

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Lausanne, Switzerland - K-Team S.A. announces KoreBot, a new XScale
based miniature board.

KoreBot was first designed for mobile robotics, but it also fit the
needs of OEM developers of handheld devices: at the size of a credit
card, KoreBot is the smallest, low power embedded platform based on XScale.

KoreBot comes complete with all the hardware and software needed to
start Linux Embedded development with no hidden license cost. K-Team
only provides fee-based support and training for developpers.

KoreBot is the result of a collaboration between K-Team and two labs at
the Swiss Institute of Technology at Lausanne namely the LAP within
Armonie Project ( http://lapwww.epfl.ch/dev/arm/index.php?armonie ) and
ASL within Swarm-Bots Project ( http://www.swarm-bots.org/ ).

Pricing and Availability

First KoreBot samples are available on request. Customers orders dated
before 30th September 2003 will have higher priority. KoreBot price is
1'000 CHF (650 Euros).

List of Features: see http://korebot.com


K-Team S.A.
Chemin du Vuasset
CH - 1028 PÚverenges
Tel: +41 21 802 54 72
Tel: +41 21 802 54 71

About K-Team

K-Team S.A. is a Swiss company that develops, manufactures and markets
the Khepera Linecard, high-quality mobile minirobots for use in advanced
education and research and the Hemisson Linecard, small robots for
teachers and hobbyists.

The company's experience in the field of autonomous mobile robotics
applications allows it to provide best of breed solutions to the most
demanding academic and commercial research laboratories in the world.
The Khepera Linecard is the choice of over 500 universities and
industrial research centers.

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