intel xscale design

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hi everyone
i have a , perhaps, silly question
i'm very interested in building my own hardware board with intel
xscale with lcd and other peripherals (and try to embed RTOS in it
after the hardware is ready, but not the main concern now)
can someone do this individually and integrate all of the component
with wirewrap or other better methods? how hard is it and any

Re: intel xscale design

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Wire-wrap isn't viable for this type of system, you'll need a multilayer
PCB. Intel has a reference design with all the PCB manufacturing files.

Leon Heller, G1HSM
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Re: intel xscale design
Ed Corter made some headway with BGA designs and Wirewrap for his home made
FPGA board.

People said it wouldnt work and it does, albeit slowly.

Problems with wire wrap are the clock edges and can you run the CPU slow

If youve got plenty of time on your hands, why not?

Cheers, Vincent

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