ADV: EventStudio 2.0: CASE Tool for Embedded System Design

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We are pleased to announce the release of EventStudio 2.0, This
is a major upgrade to the product.

What's New in EventStudio 2.0:

o   Four new type of documents can be generated:
    - Collaboration Diagram
    - Interface Collaboration Diagram
    - Interaction Collaboration Diagram
    - Message Filter Collaboration Diagram    
o   Choose between collaboration diagram or context
    diagrams for any of the above document types.

o   Use the power of regular expressions to generate
    an infinite variety of documents.

o   Context Menus in Scenario Bar and Editor

o   Generate PDF and HTML documents from command-line

o   Block Remark Enhancements
    - Block remarks can be formatted as left, right, center,
      justify or verbatim
    - Paragraphs can be defined in block remarks

o  User interface enhancements

o  Better control over scenario diagram formatting.
   Choose between automatic and landscape orientation.

o  Strings are now allowed in message name, parameter name
   and parameter values.

o  Hungarian Notation Support in object name formatting

o  Over 10 detailed examples are now included. Surfing the
   examples will get you started quickly.

EventStudio Background:

Visit for
a free trial.

EventStudio is a CASE tool for distributed object oriented
system design. EventStudio supports multiple scenario use case
and sequence diagram modeling. It is particularly suited for:

o   Use case development
o   Object sequence diagram development
o   Message sequence charts (MSCs) for telecom and embedded systems
o   Protocol design and documentation
o   Process flow diagrams

EventStudio Features:

o   A different approach to CASE tools: generate vs. draw.
    Man invented handwriting because hieroglyphics did not
    scale very well with the growing complexity of human thought.
    Unfortunately conventional CASE tools of
    today are trying to take us back to hieroglyphics.
    EventStudio takes a different approach:
    - Enter specifications in a simple text based format.
    - No need to struggle with clumsy graphical editors.
    - Automatic layout and formatting. You do not need to
      worry about the layout.
    - Designed for real-world complex problems. Layout
      techniques scale well with increasing complexity
    - Generate sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams,
      context diagrams, message sequence charts,
      unit test procedures from a single input file.

o   Generates sequence diagrams and use cases in
    PDF (Portable Document Format from Adobe).
    Most formatting issues are handled automatically.
    - Generate summary of large sequence diagrams
      by limiting the level of detail
    - Generate interface sequence diagrams/ use cases
      by specifying interface filters
    - Select popular US and ISO paper sizes for PDF documents
    - Generate unit test procedures, component wise summary
      and message statistics documents in HTML
o   Supports definition of multiple scenarios for
    a Feature. You can automatically generate
    use cases and sequence diagrams for success
    and failure scenarios.
    - Add new success and failure scenarios on the fly
    - Quickly navigate to branching points for different
    - Scenario relationships are represented as trees

o   Go beyond UML sequence diagram support. You can depict
    - Timer start, stop and expiry
    - Resource allocation and freeing
    - Action start and action end
    - Dynamic object creation and deletion
    - State transitions
    - Modules, processors and objects and their
    - And much more

o   EventStudio reviews the design for all success and
    failure scenarios to catch errors like
    - Free running timers
    - Resource leaks
    - Unfinished actions
    - Dynamic object deletion
    - And much more

o   Promotes a semi formal development environment.
    EventStudio gives you the freedom and flexibility
    of text documents while also adding a formal
    component to the design

o   Free version upgrades and support.

About -- / a Maryland, USA based company
dedicated to embedded, real-time and distributed System design.

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