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I would like to create a native compiler for an XScale Linux system.

My first attempt was to cross-compile the gcc suite using the
x86-xscale cross compiler that I already have, but I am having trouble
getting the configure parameters/options right.

First, what is the difference between --host, --build and --target?

Must --with-cpu be set to something?  to what?

Is there an xscale tools how-to for setting the options, or an .rpm to

Thanks in advance.


Re: XScale compiler

--host is the system you are building this on (for eg: i686-linux)
--build is the cross compilation build (for eg: mips-linux. In your case
--target is the target for which it is being built (for eg: mips-linux.
In your case xscale).

Not sure if there are tools/rpms for xscale. But you should be able to
build it yourself...


Kevin Kilzer wrote:
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Re: XScale compiler

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That is a fascinating topic.  It seems that gcc is constructed using
Autoconf 2.13, and will not cross-build.  The configure script
(nothing short of 100k lines of auto-generated shell!) tries to run a
test compilation, realizes that it is cross compiling, and bails out.

According to
http://www.gnu.org/software/autoconf/manual/autoconf-2.57/html_node/autoconf_164.html ,
this has been corrected in later versions, but gcc is still
distributed on 2.13.

It seems like such a trivial question, that if I can build a cross
compiler, why can I not cross-build the same source to make a native

BTW, does anyone have a list of what is valid for those "mips-linux"
or "xscale-elf" or "dogcat-tuesday" strings?  The variability is
really confusing: "mips-linux" "mips-unknown-linux"
"mips-unknown-linux-gnu" all seem to have valid meaning in different
contexts.  A little Backus-Naur would go a long way here.


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