Please help me find the source of this glossary

Please help me find the source of this glossary. This is taken from a fraudulent book, which has plagiarised the glossary from some unnamed source plagiarising in apparently violation of the ethics of publishing. I don't think this is available as an online resource. It might be some book. I am giving here some entries beginning with the letter "H". If anybody can find the source please let me know. Hard copy- Printed or filmed-output from a computer device in human readable form. Hard disk- A rigid magnetic disc such as the internal disks used in system units of personal computers and in eternal hard disk drives, Hard Disk Cartridge A cartridge which contains a rigid disk which is designed to be loaded and unloaded into a hard disk system. Hard sector A sector that is established physically on a disk. Hard space A space represented by a special character in a string. Hardware The physical components of a computer system \such as electronic, magnetic and mechanical devices. Hardware panning A video adapter feature that enables it to stimulate a display larger than the one to which the video adapter is connected. Head A device that reads writes or erases data on a storage medium like a magnetic drum, magnetic tape etc. Helper program Few browsers come with helper programs, so users must go through the tedious process of locating the appropriate helper programs, down loading them from the internet and configure the browser to start them automatically when it encounters a multimedia file. Help Function- A feature of system which is designed to assist a user in understanding and operating the system. Heuristic A trail and error method of getting a solution to a problem. A s opposed to algorithm. Hidden file- An operating system file that is not displayed by a directory listing. Hidden line- In computer graphics, a line segment that represents and edge obscured from view in a two dimensional projection of a three dimensional object. High speed scanner work station- An image plus work station equipped with a high speed scanner that can scan large stacks of similar sized paper into the image-plus system.

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