Hosting a USB communications device on STM32

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I have a project where I need to host a CDC on an STM32F microcontroller.
The usarts are in use hence the need for the CDC.

I have found library code from STs cube which configures the USB to host a
CDC. The problem I have is making my application talk to the device.
Obviously when a USB to serial adapter is connected to a windows PC a COMx
interface is created which can then be connected to by an application.
What I'm not clear on is how I would make the firmware in my STM32 talk to
the CDC so that serial data can be passed to a connected serial device.

Can someone give me some hints on how to connect to the CDC device


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Re: Hosting a USB communications device on STM32
On 09/07/15 08:00, ajellis wrote:
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The example code I've seen for this connects two devices: the CDC  
implementation in the USB hardware, and the RS232 interface on the SCI  

You should first get that example working unchanged, which will give you  
the equivalent of a USB<->serial dongle. Then rip out the code that  
drives the SCI (RS232) device and use the data in your own application  
instead. You might need to implement some buffering in the interface.

Clifford Heath.

Re: Hosting a USB communications device on STM32

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